Belnet guestroam

Belnet has developed a new, fast and easy to use functionality for all institutions using eduroam

Previously, access to eduroam was strictly limited to persons from participating institutions. Today, Belnet launches Belnet guestroam, a new eduroam functionality providing temporary access to visitors from institutions that are not members of eduroam.

For example, when a supplier visits one of your departments, you will be able to give them access to your eduroam Wi-Fi network for a limited time. Access is restricted to the department being visited. This new service makes your Wi-Fi network (eduroam) accessible to visitors who are not members of eduroam.

There are two ways to gain access to Belnet guestroam

1) Visitors fill out the form on

Using the form on the site your visitors may request to guestroam in a department within your institution, for a pre-defined period of time.

Visitors must enter their mobile number, email address, and their institution into the form, and specify the name of the department they wish to visit. Once this form has been submitted, visitors receive a validation code by email and text message which they must then validate.

Once this process is complete, the validators for the department in question receive the visitor’s guestroam request.for validation. When a request is validated, an email and a text message are sent to the visitor, with the login details they require to connect to eduroam.

2) The validator sends login details directly to the visitor

The validator for the departement can create login details and send these by email and text message to visitors who have notified you of their upcoming visit. These details may also be printed and given directly to visitors already on site.


The visitor must validate twice by email and by text message. Once validated, the request must still be accepted by the host institution.

The connection is guaranteed for the roaming network at the institution that validated the request. It will not work in another departement or eduroam participating institution.

The manager who is the point of contact with Belnet for their eduroam service may delegate responsibility for validating requests to other people within their institution. Furthermore, validators may limit the access period (to 30 days, for example).

Simple and fast:
Only a few clicks are requiered for the visitor to complete the online form and send their request to the validator. What’s more, the validator has a choice of two possibilities to use the Belnet guestroam functionality. 

This functionality is free for all institutions using eduroam.

Does your institution use govroam or eduroam? If so, Belnet guestroam is available to you

To find out more about the form and for further details about how to use it, visit our site where you will find user guides for validators, visitors and managers.

Please also feel free to contact Belnet Service Desk: 02 790 33 00.